Skrill payment gateway review

skrill payment gateway review

In the world of online payment systems, the two mighty behemoths are PayPal vs Skrill. Everyone else is a dwarf by comparison, and dwell. Skrill Payment Gateway. Find payment methods, currencies, languages, compatible shopping carts, fees, rates, and more. Wondering if UK based Skrill is the payment processor for your business Merchants will pay per-transaction fees and possibly a gateway fee.

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In addition, many merchants have reported that they were unable to reach anyone at Skrill for days on end. Attributes to measure include: When I spoke with their Customer Service Department about this and asked them to Help ME Make The Charge, They REFUSED STATING THAT THEY CAN NOT HELP ME and that I Did It All Wrong And That I Must Wait 24 Damn Hours Before Trying Again! My concern is that the UK Financial Regulator is not putting a stop to this. It makes use of mobile technology that lets your customers use their smart phones or tablets to make payments. The email will say that there is a problem, and then tell you to click on a link and enter your personal information.


Skrill Scam A review of the fraud payment gateway skrill payment gateway review

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